Eosta Argentinian apples

Dutch organic specialist has used the occasion of EU Green Week, whose theme this year is Zero Pollution, to highlight one of its own sustainable breakthroughs: “zero pollution” Argentinian apples.

The company pointed to the EU Green Deal’s aims to reduce air, water and soil pollution to zero by 2050 and halve pesticide use by 2030.

“Eosta always likes to get ahead of the pack,” it stated, “and is already offering ‘zero pollution’ Argentinian apples from Nature & More grower Hugo Sanchez 30 years ahead of time.”

Sanchez’s Royal Gala and Cripps Pink apples are unsprayed, according to Eosta, and meet not just the EU standards for 2030, but even those for 2050.

According to True Cost Accounting calculations from accountancy firm EY, Eosta revealed, such apples are in fact 19 euro cents per kilo healthier than conventional apples, simply due to the difference in pesticide use.

“The apples of the Sanchez family are grown in a sunny, dry climate, which means that fungal diseases are not a concern, so the growers can work without pesticides,” Eosta stated. “Although the apples are brought to Europe from afar, the energy use of efficient boat transport is still less than the energy of months of storage. In addition, there is a positive social impact on the local Mapuche population and a positive impact on water, soil and biodiversity.”

Today’s strong environmental movement was forcing companies in Europe to take environmental and social responsibility, Eosta said, pointing to a number of recent examples, including Germany’s Duty of Care law, the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, and Switzerland’s upcoming referendum on a chemical pesticide ban.