Each pack includes three skinless and destoned avocado halves and has a one-month refrigerated storage life thanks to HPP technology

Halls has launched a new semi-prepared product called The Naked Avocado in a bid to reduce waste and offer consistently ripe, ready-to-eat fruit.

Each pack contains three avocado halves with the skin and stone removed and has a one-month refrigerated storage life thanks to High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, HPP is a non-thermal food preservation technique which kills microorganisms that can cause diseases or spoil food. “It uses intense pressure for a certain time and has minimal effects on taste, texture, appearance, or nutritional values,” EFSA says.

The Naked Avocado, which is processed in France, is aimed at both the retail and foodservice sectors. It is currently available in France, retailing at €2.29, and will be launched into other countries in Europe in early 2024, along with some additional products in the Naked Avocado range.

The packaging has been designed so that each avocado half can be removed individually, thereby maximising the life of the remaining fruit.

Recent studies show that a shocking 34 per cent of all avocados purchased by consumers, chefs, and caterers end up in the bin. More specifically, an alarming 5-15 per cent of avocados are discarded daily in major retail and foodservice channels.

Halls also pointed out that “an untold number” of potential customers are discouraged from purchasing avocados in the first place due to past unsatisfactory experiences.

All this contributes to the global food waste crisis highlighted by the United Nations, which estimates nearly half of the fruits and vegetables produced worldwide are thrown away annually.

“Our vision is where no avocado goes to waste, and consumers can delight in the perfect avocado experience every single time,” said Paul Devlin, managing director of Halls in Europe.

The product is being sold under the tagline ‘Nothing to hide, nothing to waste’, and comes in fully recyclable packaging