SE CREDIT ICA TAGS retail fruit berries 2021 campaign health

Photo: ICA / Lisette Holmberg

Swedish retailer ICA has unveiled a completely revamped berry range, with a new emphasis on provenance, varieties, and locally grown fruit.

The move follows the launch in February of its new healthy eating campaign – which includes a commitment to ensuring that each of its customers eats a minimum 500g of fruit and vegetables per day by 2025 at the latest.

Announcing the move on LinkedIn, ICA fruit and vegetables category manager Lisette Holmberg said updating the range had required more than a year of preparations, involving revisions to promotions, sourcing, and marketing strategies, as well as updates to design and communication.

The retailer has also made significant changes to all of its berry packaging, including:

• Using transparent labels to maximise the visibility of the berries themselves.

• Retaining non-transparent labels on Swedish berries, to distinguish between imported and domestically grown fruit.

• Placing details of which grower and which region its Swedish berries are from on the label.

• Adding the name of the berry varieties on all of its labels, so that customers can find their favourites.

“In the communication we have focused a lot on the health benefits in berries,” Holmberg commented. “Who knew [for example] that strawberries contain more Vitamin C than oranges?”