Producers in four countries have established a new marketing consortium for the branded product, as planted area continues to expand

Kikoka kiwifruit detail

Companies from France, Greece, Italy and Spain have created a new consortium that will manage the production and marketing of Kikokà, the name for two protected varieties of yellow-fleshed kiwifruit.

The group, which was launched officially at a meeting earlier this week in Turin, brings together a total of 11 partners and 1,550ha of licensed cultivated area. A further 200ha are expected to be planted in 2024.

The Kikokà brand emerged in late 2023 from a 15-year venture known as the Yellow Kiwi Project. This oversaw the planting of 16,000 seedlings bred by the University of Udine and selected by nursery company New Kiwi Plant.

A first commercial crop of 450 tonnes was harvested in the autumn and sold under the Kikokà brand.

Italian producer-exporter Rivoira holds the worldwide master license to grow and market the varieties.

The Kikokà (Europe) consortium’s members include Italian companies Apo Scaligera, Clementi, Kiwi Uno, OP Armonia (organic only), Peviani, and Zeoli Fruit; Innatis and Savajols in France; Spanish firms Agrihold and Surexport; and Arta Gold and Zeus Kiwi in Greece.

According to Dichgans, the consortium may grow as new growers around the world join the project.

Six other selections from the Yellow Kiwi Project are currently undergoing evaluation, including an orange-fleshed variety with a mango taste that is due to be patented by the end of the year.

Kikoka Europe kiwifruit consortium

The Kikoka Europe consortium meets in Turin