Tomato specialist has established a partnership with Unravel Research to get a complete picture of what drives consumers

To get a complete picture of what drives consumers and also take their unconscious choices into account, Prominent has established a partnership with Unravel Research, a professional party focusing on neuromarketing.

Tim Zuidgeest Unravel Prominent GTC 2023

Tim Zuidgeest speaking at the Global Tomato Congress

On 16 May, Unravel co-founder Tim Zuidgeest presented several insights to delegates at the Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam.

Prominent measures shopper behaviour in not only the Netherlands but also Germany, the UK and Poland.

“Which decisions do shoppers make, at which moment, and why? The answers to such questions help Prominent continuously meet the needs of our consumers,” said Wim van den Berg, marketing manager at Growers United.

“Still, some methods prove to not be as fail-proof as expected,” he explained. ”Sometimes, consumers will make a different decision at the moment suprême than what they might have previously mentioned in the survey.

“Besides research among international shoppers, the insights gained through neuromarketing give our clients practical tools that are scientifically based,” van den Berg outlined. “Neurological research provides insight into shoppers’ viewing and buying behaviour.”

Prominent was once again a sponsor of the Global Tomato Congress in Rotterdam, and Zuidgeest was invited to present various fascinating insights under the heading ’Marketing with Brains’.

Which influence, for example, does white or black packaging have on the buying behaviour of consumers? And does mentioning sustainability have a positive influence on the purchasing process? And which words will or will not convince consumers to purchase a product?

Zuidgeest showed that consumers unconsciously find black packaging more attractive than white, which is why they are more likely to buy tomatoes that are presented in black packaging.