Transport minister announces £200 million zero emission HGV funding at Logistics UK conference yesterday

UK government announces funding for HGV zero emissions trials

UK government announces funding for HGV zero emissions trials

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UK Transport Minister Trudy Harrison’s announcement yesterday (12 May) at Logistics UK’s Future Logistics Conference of £200 million in government funding to continue its zero-emission HGV trials will help enable the logistics industry’s journey to decarbonisation, according to the business group.

However, the right supporting infrastructure, including refuelling networks and sufficient power supply, must be in place for these vehicles to offer real world alternatives to diesel HGVs, Logistics UK said.

Logistics UK’s acting deputy director of policy, Michelle Gardner, said: “Logistics businesses are committed to decarbonising their operations, but to ensure a smooth transition, they need clarity on the path to zero tailpipe emission HGVs; the trials announced today will play a crucial role in identifying the right technological solutions to help enable this. Now, Logistics UK is urging the government to ensure the necessary supporting infrastructure and regulatory framework will be in place to make the use of these vehicles feasible for logistics businesses.”

Minister Harrison also announced the publication of a call for evidence on derogations to the 2035 phase out for HGVs weighing 26 tonnes or over. Speaking, Minister Harrison explained: “We should not impose change in the wrong place, on the wrong vehicle, on the wrong journey at the wrong time.”

Gardner added: “Given the breadth of the vehicles used across the logistics sector, and scale of innovation required to reach net zero, Logistics UK is pleased that government will be consulting with industry to identify potential exemptions to the 2035 phase out date.”

During the speech, Minister Harrison thanked industry for its continued support and engagement on the net-zero agenda and recognised that the sector needs support to keep delivering the goods. Minister Harrison also revealed that the Department for Transport (DfT) has published the full response to its public consultation on phase out dates for the sale of new, non-zero emission HGVs.