USHBC launches new retail shopper activations to boost blueberry sales, a programme that includes partnerships with over a dozen retailers nationwide

The US Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) has launched a shopper marketing and consumer campaign to drive incremental sales increases and volume of fresh and frozen blueberries at retail.

Blueberries closeup Adobe Stock

The latest consumer activation will launch this month, USHBC said, just in time for summer, with holiday themes like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day barbecues.

These are all targeted at increasing the consumption of blueberries by occasional blueberry users and winning new consumers, it noted.

“In the dynamic world of retail, a well-crafted shopper marketing plan isn’t just a strategy, it’s the compass guiding inventory from shelves to shopping carts, seamlessly connecting products with the pulse of consumer demand,” said Kevin Hamilton, USHBC vice-president of global marketing and communications.

“While we remain focused on providing the valuable, great-tasting experience that our core consumers love from this healthy berry, we are excited to share that same deliciousness of blueberries with new consumers and get occasional users more involved in the category.”

The campaign will run in over 4,000 stores in major markets throughout the US, including retailers such as Target, Sam’s Club, Smart & Final, Albertsons Portland, IGA USA, Schnucks, United Supermarkets, Demoulas Market Basket, Giant Martins and many others.

USHBC said its shopper marketing efforts were tailored to each retail partner and take an integrated approach, both inside and outside the store, to target consumers during their path to purchase.

The blueberry category in the US has seen a boom in recent years, with retail sales increasing by 11.1 per cent from 2021 to 2023.

The industry is adapting to this new landscape, USHBC stated, with a focus on efficiency, quality improvements and new varieties boasting better flavour and shelf-life.