The partnership looks to optimise agricultural lighting through advanced data integration


Sollum Technologies has announced a strategic partnership with Leaficient, a leader in precision plant measurement and lighting control technologies.

According to the group, the collaboration is aiming to advance lighting strategies and recipes by integrating precise plant growth data in Sollum’s advanced algorithms in order to learn, adapt, and optimise cultivation in real time.

Leaficient utilises computer vision technology to perform detailed leaf-level tracking of plant stress and photosynthetic capability.

This enables precise customisation of lighting profiles, optimising plant growth conditions while minimising operational costs, with a focus on increasing growth efficiency to produce higher yields while reducing energy consumption.

“Integrating Leaficient’s detailed plant metrics with our Sun as a Service (SUNaaS) cloud platform enhances our capability to provide incredibly tailored lighting strategies that adapt, more than ever, to the specific needs of each crop and cultivar, at every stage of growth,” said François R-Moisan, CTO and co-founder of Sollum. “This partnership sets a new standard in precision agriculture.”

Brian Stancil, Leaficient co-founder and CEO, explained that his company was using plant performance and health knowledge to determine lighting strategies, basically using every photon to generate biomass and avoid waste.

”Sollum’s dynamic lighting systems, combined with our advanced measurement capabilities, offer growers unprecedented control and efficiency in their operations,” he added.