Bomarea and AvoAmerica Peru set to bolster distributor’s supply base as global demand for both products continues to grow

AvoAmerica avocado fields Peru

AvoAmerica’s avocado fields in Peru

Unifrutti Group has made two significant investments in Peru as it seeks to meet growing global demand for two of the industry’s fastest-growing fruit categories.

The company has purchased Bomarea, a leading producer of blueberries, and a major avocado supplier called AvoAmerica Peru, from two US-based entities – agribusiness investment firm Solum Partners, and fresh fruit and vegetable supplier Alpine Fresh.

The acquisitions, which remain subject to certain conditions, are all about securing more supply in order to meet new demand for healthy, nutritious products, said Unifrutti Group CEO Mohamed Elsarky.

“The incorporation of Bomarea and AvoAmerica Peru into Unifrutti not only broadens our product range but also enhances our customer service excellence,” he commented.

“With blueberries and avocados being among the most desired and rapidly expanding superfruits, the addition of these companies to our portfolio perfectly aligns with our pledge to grow and supply superior-quality fruits to our customers worldwide.”

Alongside Verfrut, which Unifrutti bought in January 2024, the group’s latest investment strengthen its position as an international supplier of berries and avocados.

“These three acquisitions mark the initial phase of our ambitious plans to become a leading sustainable multi-fruit company globally,” Elsarky added.

With a combined area of close to 2,000 hectares, Bomarea and AvoAmerica Peru are recognised as leading Peruvian producers of premium blueberries and avocados respectively.

The acquisitions are also expected to boost Unifrutti’s connections in important markets including the US and China.

Bomarea and AvoAmerica Peru are expected to continue to benefit from what Unifrutti described as “enduring relationships and established commercial partnerships”, including its existing collaborations with Alpine Fresh and Westfalia Fruit.