Growers and marketers come together following launch of global Autumncrisp campaign  

Licensed table grape growers representing 14 countries took part in Sun World International’s Auntumncrisp Symposium in Bakersfield, California on 6 February. The daylong event was the first of its kind and was designed for partners to focus on the strategic global plan for the Autumncrisp brand.

Last year Sun World launched a global marketing campaign for Autumncrisp seedless green grapes designed to drive demand and increase revenue for the company’s international network of licensees.

The Autumncrisp Symposium marked the first global gathering of its licensed growers since the launch. It focused on five crucial pillars for Autumncrisp: global planting plans, local agronomy support, quality assurance, retail relations and an overview of global marketing plans.

“Such gatherings are tremendously important for collaborating with our grower-partners as success begins in the field, ensuring the market success of Autumnncrisp and providing deserving returns to our growers,” said Bernardo Calvo, president and chief operating officer of Sun World.

Sun World said close collaboration with licensed growers and marketers is crucial to guarantee the production and sale of top-quality fruit marketed with the Autumncrisp brand seal.