As the cost and risks associated with shipping perishable goods increases, fresh produce need to have the right tools and strategies in place to prevent significant losses

When shipping perishable products, all of the challenges typically associated with retail supply chain management are magnified as perishable products must be shipped in carefully controlled conditions. With damage rates and shipping costs both on the rise, creating an effective loss prevention strategy centred around visibility is more important than ever for companies shipping perishable products. This article explores both the visibility challenges of perishable shipping and the innovative shipping solutions you can use to overcome these challenges.

For best practices on how to implement real-time visibility with shipping perishables, be sure to read our playbook.

Challenges of visibility for perishable shipping

With perishables, shipping solutions must achieve visibility to address several challenges that companies shipping non-perishable products do not have to contend with, including the following examples.

  • Inventory Management: Inventory management is a complex yet vital objective for all retail companies. For those that ship and sell perishable products, inventory management is even more challenging. Perishable products tend to have a limited shelf life and thus must be restocked both more frequently and in a more controlled manner.

  • Increasing Regulatory Requirements: For better or worse, regulations regarding shipping perishables have only grown stricter in recent years. Today, retail companies shipping perishables, shipping solutions must meet a range of regulatory requirements regarding how those products are shipped, processed, and stored.

  • Data Processing: When you are continually collecting real-time data across various metrics, leveraging any value from that data requires an efficient approach to data processing. Without the right data processing system and solutions in place, trying to analyse all of the data needed to achieve complete shipment visibility can be overwhelming.

Perishable shipping and the internet of things: how Tive’s IoT real-time trackers provide complete visibility for perishable shipping

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At Tive, we’re committed to helping retail companies all over the world overcome the challenges of visibility with perishable shipping with solutions that revolve around our innovative IoT hyper accurate real-time trackers. With Tive, companies can effortlessly monitor the temperature, humidity, light exposure, and shock absorption of their in-transit shipments, receiving real-time data and immediate alerts anytime one of these measurements strays outside of its acceptable range.

Along with providing complete shipment condition visibility, Tive’s trackers also provide real-time transportation visibility, ensuring that you can always pinpoint the real-time location and status of your freight.

Tive can help you build perishables shipping solutions that save shipments

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Managing a supply chain for perishable products entails a lot of unique challenges. However, the good news is that the right visibility solutions can go a long way toward mitigating all of these challenges. If you’d like to learn more about how Tive’s industry-leading hyper-accurate real-time trackers can help you achieve complete visibility into your perishable shipments and empower a profit-boosting loss prevention strategy, then be sure to contact us today at