Boasting 40 produce companies, trade associations and fruit and vegetables auctions, Belgium is set for a record participation at this year’s Fruit Logistica exhibition

VLAM, the Flanders Agricultural Marketing Board, has announced that 32 Belgian suppliers of fruit, vegetables, potatoes and fruit trees will be present at Fruit Logistica in Berlin on VLAM’s joint stand. 

This is in addition to three trade associations and four fruit and vegetable auctions, giving Belgium its biggest ever presence at the exhibition.

Belgian presence at Fruit Logistica

VLAM’s 660m2 stand will reportedly be made of wood and decorated with attractive product pictures. Experts will be on hand to communicate how the fruit and vegetables sector is responding to the challenges of high inflation and the energy crisis.

“One thing is already clear,” VLAM stated, “the sustainability trend that is already pronounced will gain further momentum. Consumers are clearly returning to traditional, seasonal vegetables. Producers and traders cannot turn a blind eye to this development.”

In Belgium, demand for seasonal vegetables has long been high, including for Belgian endives and Brussels sprouts in the winter, while international demand for Belgian leeks is strong during the cold months. 

However, this winter, VLAM cautions, the production of crops in heated greenhouses is being drastically reduced due to high energy prices, with production scheduled to focus on the warmer seasons.