The cooperative aims to make visitors to the Belgian music festival aware of the impact of fresh food on the environment, with the aid of a large CO2 meter

Belgian cooperative BelOrta is supporting an environmental awareness campaign this weekend as food partner at electronic music festival Paradise City in Flemish Brabant.

BelOrta at Paradise City

At the three-day festival, BelOrta will aim to make visitors aware of the impact of fresh food on the environment.

“Healthy food, (surprisingly) fun and local, are all values that BelOrta and Paradise City Festival share,” the cooperative stated. “It is therefore not surprising that one of Europe’s leading fruit and vegetable cooperatives and one of the world’s greenest music festivals have joined forces.”

A large CO2 meter in the food court will tell consumers the exact CO2 emissions of every available dish.

“With the CO2 meter we want to make festival goers aware that choosing locally grown products is a sustainable choice,” said Glenn Sebregts, head of marketing at BelOrta. “Fruit and vegetables from here are not only delicious and healthy, they also have low CO2 emissions.

“In addition, we provide fresh fruit and vegetables during the breakfast buffet so that campers can start the day healthy and with the necessary vitamins in their pocket. Visitors can also enjoy healthy snacks served by the BelOrta Greenhouse food truck on the festival site itself.”