Eosta says Inverted Natural Branding makes branding more visible and increases recognisability of organic products, while continuing to avoid use of packaging

Dutch Organics specialist Eosta has announced a new development in the world of Natural Branding: Inverted Natural Branding.

Natural branding

Inverted Natural Branding on a sweet potato

Since the introduction of Natural Branding in 2016, more and more products can carry a logo or PLU code, with the list mow including avocados, ginger, mangoes, limes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.  

According to Eosta, a recurring request from customers has been for the branding to become even more visible, improving processing at the checkout and making clearer the product’s organic certification. 

Eosta introduced double-sided branding in response, and has now developed what it calls Inverted Natural Branding, a technique whereby the company burns the logo or the code diapositively.

“We burn the surroundings, but not the logo or the text,” Eosta explained. “This way we simulate the form of a label, creating more contrast with the product’s own colour. Visibility of the lasered logo thus becomes much better and the customer can recognise the product as organic even better.”