Campaign looks to tap into increased interest in the fruit around the Cinco de Mayo celebration

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is introducing a new national marketing programme in the US in the run up to Cinco de Mayo.

MX Avocados from Mexico Cinco de Mayo

The Cinco De Licious campaign, which highlights ”the good taste and good times that avocados have to offer”, will include in-store displays, consumer savings, digital and social activations.

AFM said that leading up to the holiday, shoppers spend 1.9 times more on groceries when avocados are in their basket, with Cinco de Mayo avocado shoppers making 7.6 more trips per year than the average avocado buyer.

The campaign also includes a partnership with Mexican hot sauce Cholula, and features GuacAImole, a tool that uses multi-modal AI technology to create custom recipes.

“We’re delighted to be engaging with shoppers through a seamless omnichannel experience as they prepare to celebrate Cinco,” shared Stephanie Bazan, senior vice-president, commercial strategy and execution at Avocados From Mexico.

“This is a top celebrated occasion for avocados, and we’ve seen consumption of the fruit continue to grow over the last six years and a record increase in Mexican avocado imports last year.

”We know that consumers are looking for recipe inspiration leading up to Cinco, so the Cinco De Licious campaign aims to deliver with engaging in-store programming and an interactive GuacAImole experience to keep fresh Avocados From Mexico top-of-mind,” she added.