Study finds US retail customers are hungry for a larger variety of table grape brands, and are willing to pay for premium products

Fruit-breeding specialist Bloom Fresh has revealed the findings of its latest retail survey, Building Value Through Grape Varieties, shedding light on consumer preferences in the US table grape market.

Bloom Fresh table grapes in store

According to the group, the survey demonstrated that consumers were not only drawn to the “uplifting and enjoyable” experience of consuming table grapes, but were also willing to pay a premium for their favourite branded varieties.

For example, 30 per cent of consumers reported they were willing to pay more for a premium variety such as Bloom Fresh Cotton Candy grapes, Bloom Fresh said.

The survey suggested that in the US, branded trademarked grapes such as Bloom Fresh varietals like Cotton Candy, Sweet Globe, Sweet Sapphire, and Candy Dreams, were top-of-mind for consumers.

Consumers said they were drawn to seedless table grapes that look fresh in the stores, with taste and flavour being the top decision-making driver.

Shoppers were willing to pay more for the eating experience but need help finding when and where their preferred table grapes would be in store.  

The survey revealed that when it came to engaging consumers and building strong brand awareness, quality, defined as freshness and great taste, was key.

Consumers valued grapes for their convenience, snackability, and long shelf-life.

“Bloom Fresh seeks to better support consumers in making better choices in-store, to help them find that grape they like, and to explore new options,” highlighted Josep Estiarte, CEO of Bloom Fresh. “Helping the retailer to design a navigation system is the first step to this goal.

“The table grape market is crowded, and we are hoping to up-level the eating and buying experience of table grapes to invigorate this incredible and healthy category of fruit.”

Tesco’s Tom Macintosh said that the retailer understood the importance of adapting to evolving consumer preferences.

”The findings from Bloom Fresh’s retail survey emphasise that consumers are increasingly drawn to branded varieties like Cotton Candy grapes, seeking not just sustenance but a unique and enjoyable eating experience,” he noted.

“By providing clear information on varietal characteristics and simplifying the flavour categorisation process, our customers can be guided towards their preferred grapes, enriching their shopping experience and driving satisfaction.”

Additionally, the survey found that nearly half of the participants were drawn to new branded varietals and were seeking table grapes that offered a myriad of eating experiences for different occasions.

While generic grapes have broad appeal, the survey reported that those table grapes did not entice people to pay a premium.

Consumers were willing to pay more for grapes that not only met their desired flavour and texture needs but also provided clear information on that variety’s sensory attributes.

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