Group reveals survey findings and launches North America-based ’You’re Welcome’ campaign

In celebration of International Pineapple Day, Fresh Del Monte Produce has announced the release of a recent independent survey highlighting US consumers’ love for pineapples alongside the launch of its North America-based ’You’re Welcome’ campaign.

Del Monte stand FL 2024

The survey, conducted by Pollfish of 3,000 participants, revealed that pineapples were among America’s favourite fruits, surpassing apples, bananas, and oranges, with many participants citing their love for pineapples due to the fruit’s taste.

However, nearly 60 per cent of consumers either guess or do not know how to select a ripe pineapple at the store.

Del Monte said it had played a key role in supporting the ”significant increase” in pineapple consumption per person, which had more than doubled over the last 20 years according to data.

”The increase is largely due to the company’s ongoing initiatives to innovate and introduce pineapple varietals that satisfy consumers’ evolving taste preferences — starting with the first-of-its-kind Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet pineapple in 1996,” the group stated.

”Since then, the company has launched the pink-fleshed Pinkglow pineapple, the Honeyglow pineapple, the carbon-neutral certified Del Monte Zero pineapple, and the luxurious Rubyglow pineapple.

”It is no surprise that a majority (58 per cent) of people now enjoy pineapple multiple times a month, whereas the fruit was once considered a luxury or commonly used as décor,” it outlined.”

To further celebrate International Pineapple Day, Del Monte is launching the North America-based ’You’re Welcome’ campaign.

According to the group, the marketing initiative “celebrates the sweet goodness in pineapples while paying homage to the company’s legacy as the leading producer that revolutionised pineapple consumption – setting the gold standard in pineapple quality and innovation”.

”The ‘You’re Welcome’ campaign invites the public to experience the world of Fresh Del Monte and serves as a double entendre,” said Melissa Mackay, Fresh Del Monte’s vice-president of marketing, North America.

”On one hand, it acknowledges the pineapple as a historical symbol of hospitality, while on the other, it playfully credits Fresh Del Monte for revolutionising pineapple consumption,” she added. ”This campaign reminds pineapple fans of the leadership and innovation that Fresh Del Monte has brought to the category since the 1990s.”