PVM strikes agreement with Fresh Forward to bring Magic Star apple cultivar to the US

Magic Star

Proprietary Variety Management (PVM) has announced an agreement with Dutch group Fresh Forward to become the exclusive US propagation and commercialisation manager for the US plant patented cultivar WUR200 cv, and the apples marketed under the trade-name Magic Star. 

According to the Yakima-based global IP and commercialisation company, the move continues its goal of offering new and exciting tree fruit options to the industry.

“We have been monitoring Magic Star since 2019, and recently harvested the first crop from our test orchard in the Yakima Valley,” stated Kevin Brandt, COO of PVM.

“We were extremely pleased to see how well the cultivar performed in Washington State,” Brandt noted. ”The fruit exhibited exceptional flavour and outstanding fruit finish.

”Of particular interest to PVM are the natural immunities WUR200 cv possesses, as we work to seek out new varieties that are friendly for the grower.”

The cultivar is a cross between the apple Elise, and an unnamed scab-resistant cultivar.

PVM said that it produces a dark red blushed apple with the scab-resistant qualities of its parent as well as little susceptibility to mildew.

”Apples marketed as Magic Star are known to hold very well in storage with a long shelf-life,” the company said. “The flavour of the crunchy dessert apple is described as ‘fresh’ and ‘sweet’, and claims to ’cast a spell over any food lover’.” 

Magic Star has been sold in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the UK for three seasons, ”receiving high marks for taste and consumer appeal”.

PVM and Fresh Forward said they were confident that WUR200 cv Magic Star would also do well in the US.

“We are excited to start up the partnership with PVM to bring Magic Star to the USA – the Magic is coming,” said Stephan Geerlings, marketing manager for apples at Fresh Forward.