Group says it is expanding its kiwifruit offer in North America by importing the fruit from Greece and Italy

Vancouver-based grower, marketer and distributor Oppy has said is further growing its volumes of red kiwifruit by importing the fruit from Greece and Italy.

Red Passion kiwifruit Oppy

Oppy said that Red Passion kiwifruit was grown under a protective layer of plastic to deliver a ”consistent and high-quality eating experience”, with the group’s internal testing revealing ”very high brix levels and sweetness characterised by tropical berry undertones from its golden interior and red starburst centre”.

“We’re thrilled to be able to supply more of this exciting piece of fruit to our retail customers,” said vice-president of tropicals Fernando Caudillo.

“Always on the lookout for new produce items, the red kiwifruit will certainly fill that space on their shelves as it continues to gain traction with consumers as a unique, nutrient-dense and delicious addition to their basket,” he noted.

In 2022, Oppy supplied over 45 per cent of all kiwifruit imported to North America, according to US Census Bureau Trade Data and Statistics Canada, with red kiwifruit further expanding its reach in the market.

“We recommend stocking Red Passion’s attractive and engaging clamshell as it establishes its familiarity on the shelf,” said Oppy’s category director of tropicals Eric Ziegenfuss.

“This will help consumers quickly identify the differences between red kiwifruit and other varieties,” he added. “And as this seasonally coloured fruit arrives in the produce aisle amid the holidays, shoppers will appreciate its ideal fit for festive charcuterie boards and fruit platters.”

Available December through January, Oppy said that red kiwifruit would continue to grow within its portfolio in the future.