How must the fruit and veg trade respond on sustainability? Fruitnet’s annual meeting brings together expert speakers to consider challenges and opportunities ahead

European Sustainability Forum 2023

What does sustainability really mean for fruit and vegetables? And how should the trade itself respond? AMI and Fruchthandel Magazin, part of Fruitnet Media International, want to provide answers to these questions at the European Sustainability Forum in Düsseldorf on 10 May 2023.

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Sustainabillity is a topic that remains high on the agenda. It is one of the buzzwords of our time, yet consumers often do not know what it really means. And at the same time, the fresh produce business finds itself under intense pressure to meet demand for more sustainable supply. 

During an extensive programme of talks and discussions, the European Sustainability Forum will consider this vital area of debate, and ask whether seasonality and regionality really are the most obvious answer.

“On 10 May 2023 in Düsseldorf, we want to get to the bottom of all the questions surrounding this complex topic, not forgetting current challenges such as inflation and buying restraint,” say the organisers. ”Climate change, scarcity of resources and, as we all know, supply chain problems, all play together and shape the market. All of this will play a role.”

Under the motto ‘Act sustainably – overcome crises’, AMI and Fruchthandel want to point out potential solutions to a range of sustainability-related challenges.

”Which strategies are the right ones? How must trading partners position themselves? What role do packaging, technology and data play? What opportunities are there for individual companies and for the fruit and veg sector as a whole to draw value from their sustainable actions? And how can sustainability not only be communicated credibly, but above all be genuinely practised? This is what we want to discuss at the European Sustainability Forum.”

At the event, a particular focus will be on products that are very popular with consumers and important sales drivers in the trade, but which are also often criticised for various aspects during production.

“We are asking how sustainably avocados and bananas can be produced and brought to the consumer today.” To this end, two experts in each category will outline recent and future developments – Johnathan Sutton, group safety and environment executive at Westfalia Fruit, and Peter Stedman, director of sustainability at Chiquita.

All information about the programme, sponsorship and registration can be found here. The event will be held in German and English, with simultaneous translation on the main stage in both languages. 

The European Sustainability Forum kicks off on the evening of 9 May with a get-together on the terrace of the Clayton Hotel Düsseldorf. “So the best networking opportunities are guaranteed,” the organisers add.