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  • Rik Connor and Tom Richardson

    Waitrose pips the rest


    The first tree ripened Cox, which arrived at Waitrose stores on September 12 and was followed by Royal Gala on September 17, has allowed it to claim to be the retailer stocking the largest percentage of English apples and pears .

  • UK sector 'confident'

    UK sector 'confident'


    A new report has said that despite recent jitters on the domestic and world markets, the fresh produce industry in this country is seeing a mini resurgence.

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    Sakata to release brassicas


    Seed company Sakata UK will release its first commercial seeds for 2008 production of broccoli Naxos F1 at its annual open days on October 10 and 11.

  • Local flavour for Co-op

    Local flavour for Co-op


    The Co-operative Food store in Malvern Link in Herefordshire is giving its customers a taste of local produce, with apples grown a few miles away at the Co-operative Farm in Tillington.

  • Xmas tree advice for public

    Xmas tree advice for public


    The British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association has released a new fact sheet offering members of the public its top tips on this Christmas’ tree trends.

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    Organic data call


    The HDRA and the Soil Association are looking for more growers to sign up to supply data to their organic fruit and vegetables price information service.

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    HTA launches 'Greening the UK' campaign


    The HTA have launched a campaign to encourage councils and developers to plant more in the UK’s urban streets and gardens.

  • Salads get greener

    Salads get greener


    Morrisons’ salads are greener than ever with new environmentally friendly R-Apet salad bar packs.

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    Health snack boost


    Growers are set to receive a boost as consumers opt for more healthy snack foods.

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    Spud workers safer


    The British Potato Council has released a new DVD promoting the importance of health and safety in potato production.

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    New Defra waste policy


    Defra has outlined a new waste and resource evidence programme to help the industry to deliver the Government’s ‘ambitious’ waste policies.

  • Rubens set for harvest

    Rubens set for harvest


    Rubens, the Italian bred Elstar/Gala cross which has been under trial for the last three years in Kent, will be harvested next week.

  • Malling Juno delayed

    Malling Juno delayed


    The launch of a new early season summer fruiting raspberry variety has been delayed.

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    Fuchsia gall mite warning


    The RHS has warned fuchsia growers that a ‘potentially devastating’ mite has been found on a British plant for the first time.

  • Thornless US blackberries to debut in UK

    Thornless US blackberries to debut in UK


    Four new US bred thornless blackberry varieties will be available to English growers next spring

  • Tastiest Tomato winner unveiled

    Tastiest Tomato winner unveiled


    Despite stiff competition, a contest launched find the nation’s tastiest tomato has reached its conclusion.

  • Everybody needs good neighbours

    Everybody needs good neighbours


    A British grower has written to the Prime Minister in a bid to get neighbours to ‘say it with flowers'.

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    Hop growers stay positive


    Weather variability and the torrential rains, particularly in the West Midlands in June and July, has dampened what would otherwise have been a very good year for some of the major English hop varieties.

  • Public urged to eat organics to 'save rare vegetables'

    Public urged to eat organics to 'save rare vegetables'


    Garden Organic is urging urge the public to eat organic and help to save rare vegetable varieties under threat of extinction.

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    Rijk Zwaan sells shares in Grow Group


    Seed specialist Rijk Zwaan is to sell off its shares in the Grow Group, with the firm’s management citing ‘changed circumstances’ for the decision.

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