Pink Lady’s children’s range of apples will bear the Minions colours in nine European countries, as PinKids continues to grow

PinKids, Pink Lady’s range of smaller sized apples for children, is once again set to don the colours of the Minions in a promotional tie-in with the second animated film, Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Launched in 2011, PinKids was created by Pink Lady as a way of finding outlets for all its apples, with the aim of zero waste, but over the last ten years the range has continued to grow in size and popularity.

“PinKids is as tasty as its big sister Pink Lady,” Pink Lady Europe stated. “Its smaller size offers little ones a suitable portion that fits perfectly into their hands and mouth. In more than ten years, it has continued to grow and represents over 5,000 tonnes today.


“PinKids apples have all the characteristic qualities of Pink Lady apples: a well-defined colour, unique flavours of wild strawberries, vanilla, lychee and rose, a crunchy and juicy texture, and the perfect balance between sweet and sour. It’s the ideal solution to make young children want to consume a natural and healthy product, true to Pink Lady specifications.”

PinKids is sold through 50 retail chains in 15 countries, with the UK and Ireland remaining the main markets with almost 50 per cent of volumes, followed by the Netherlands.

This season, PinKids punnets will bear the Minions colours in 9 countries: France, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Spain.

“Over 1.8m dedicated punnets have been available in shops since December, which represents 50 per cent of PinKids volumes,” Pink Lady Europe revealed. “A contest is also being organised in stores until 23 March to win a games console and Minions soft toys. In addition, in order to limit and reduce their environmental impact, PinKids apples always come with plastic-free packaging: healthy eating while better respecting the environment.”