The aim of the challenge is to help consumers make conscious healthy choices while preparing a tomato dish, delegates at The Hague-based event heard

The Global Tomato Congress, which took place at The Hague on 24 May, set the stage for tomato brand Prominent to announce the Tomato Times Challenge 2022.

GTC 2022 Prominent Tomatoes Perry Dekkers Manon Wouters Mike KnowlesPerry Dekkers and Manon Wouters on stage at GTC 2022 with Fruitnet’s Mike Knowles

Commercial director for Growers United, Perry Dekkers, was joined by nutritionist Manon Wouters to talk about the goals for this year’s challenge and the fact that more consumers are making conscious choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Prominent is keen to tap into this health trend and encourage it when consumers are preparing tomato dishes.

“Together, we still face the challenge of creating more tomato moments among consumers,” Dekkers told attendees at the Global Tomato Congress. ”Showing them that there is a tomato for every moment of the day.

”The goal of the challenge in 2022 is to show consumers how healthy, affordable and simple tomato dishes can be,” he continued.

To inspire its customers and followers to make the healthiest choices in future, Prominent has struck up a partnership with nutritionist Manon Wouters.

Wouters is a nutritional coach who has established her own platform, and looks to inspire her 32,000 Instagram followers daily with facts and food swaps for a healthier lifestyle.

“A small change in your diet can often have a big impact on your health,” said Wouters at the Congress. “Think about making a simple dietary change by adding more vegetables to your pasta and choosing wholewheat spaghetti. Making your tomato sauce yourself is also much healthier and cheaper.”