Domestic availability of the yellow apple variety will grow thanks to collaboration with Apple King and Rice Fruit Company

The Giumarra Companies has announced that its domestic Lemonade apple volume swill increase this autumn, with a ”dramatic” increase in production in the state of Washington, complemented by more availability in Pennsylvania.

Lemonade apple display close-up

“We are excited to share that we have expanded our offering of exclusive Lemonade apples in collaboration with Apple King from Washington state and Rice Fruit Company from Pennsylvania,” said Jason Bushong, Wenatchee division manager for the Giumarra Companies.

“Our increased supply will help us meet the soaring consumer demand for this distinctive variety.”

The yellow Lemonade variety was developed in New Zealand, originally bred by traditionally cross-breeding Gala and Braeburn varieties.

Giumarra said that promotable volumes of Lemonade apples would begin shipping in late October, continuing through January.

“Word of mouth has been a powerful tool in generating consumer excitement for our brand,” said Bushong. “Consumers are captivated by the apple’s visually appealing yellow hue, invigorating tang, and satisfying crunch.”

The group noted that it also offered a range of other domestic apple varieties, including Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, and Royal Gala, to complement its Lemonade programme.