Group releases the first edition of its sustainability report titled ’Expect the world from us’

Oppy sustainability

Fresh produce grower, marketer and distributor Oppy has introduced the first edition of its sustainability report, ’Expect the world from us’, highlighting its accomplishments and vision for the future.

Oppy identified five specific areas to focus on throughout its supply chain, including greenhouse gas emissions, food waste, water use, packaging materials, and impact on people and communities.

“We are so proud to share this report and where we stand in our commitment to sustainability,” said senior manager of innovation and sustainability Garland Perkins.

“This in-depth report is a culmination of data collection within those five focus areas, celebrating numerous achievements across our organisation and setting tangible objectives for what we want to accomplish as we go into the future.”

The group said that its achievements included implementing multiple energy-saving measures which resulted in an annual reduction of 292 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, and generating over $1.3m in Fair Trade premiums in 2021, accounting for 11 per cent of total premiums by programmes in North America.

Projects for 2023 include a pilot with Tesla electric trucks on routes within the Vancouver, British Columbia region and a precision irrigation technology trial in effort to decrease water, fertiliser and energy use while also achieving higher yields.

“We are very deliberate about where we focus our efforts and where we can make a positive impact — being specific about what we are going to achieve and how we will measure that,” said Perkins.

Oppy said it would update the document on an annual basis, detailing its sustainability efforts as they continue to evolve within the world of agriculture and beyond.

“This is not only a report out, but also a public call for collaboration,” noted Perkins. “We recognise that we achieve more when we work together — if you have technology that can elevate the environmental friendliness of our supply chain, please reach out.”