Carbide-free ripening technique ensures safe and reliably ripe mango offering  

Mango Superplum

Superplum is marketing ripe and ready-to-eat mangoes to Indian consumers

Indian agritech company, Superplum, has launched ready-to-eat mangoes by harnessing new state-of-the-art automated ripening facilities.  

India is the world’s largest producer of mangoes, but consumers typically find purchasing reliably ripe mangoes a challenge as fruit in the market tends to be too raw or too ripe, according to Superplum.   

Superplum says its end-to-end supply chain and state-of-the-art automated ripening facilities help the company deliver safe and carbide-free ripening for mangoes which are chilled and delivered to customers in a ready-to-eat condition.  

As with the rest of Superplum’s product line, the company buys directly from farmers and ensures full traceability and product safety for consumers.  

Superplum’s ripe and ready-to-eat mangoes are available on Amazon Fresh, in neighbourhood stores and directly from the company’s website.