Interfel, the interprofessional organisation for the French fruit and vegetables sector, has launched a new communication campaign as it seeks to boost enthusiasm for fresh produce among consumers.

Using the slogan “Fresh fruits and vegetables are never too much”, the campaign features a short film and a significant media presence dedicated to the diversity of fresh fruit and vegetables, “a mirror of our society”, according to Interfel.

The film, directed by Charlotte Abramow, shows clips of people of all ages, genders and races, each accompanied by a related “Jamais trôp” slogan.

To the tune of Depêche Mode’s I Just Can’t Get Enough, an elderly woman does stretches (Never too ripe), while a young man enthusiastically performs karaoke (Never too intense).

The film is being broadcast for three weeks between 13 April and 3 May on all major national TV channels in France, as well as on social media.