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  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal urged to cancel toll increases


    Shipowners have called on the Panama Canal Authority to regress on the decision to increase tolls

  • Coosemupar logo

    Bidding underway for Panama banana coop


    Del Monte and two European companies said to be among the interested parties keen to take over Coosemupar

  • Costa Rica bananas

    Panama hit by banana 'export slump'


    Panama has been hit a slump in banana exports in the year following Chiquita’s departure from the Central American nation

  • melons

    Melon oversupply predicted for spring


    A prolonged rainy season in Central America could lead to an oversupply of melons in March as growers work to make up the shortfall

  • Article

    Panama Canal revenue hits record level


    The canal’s revenue has risen 14 per cent to record levels in the year to September, while shipping traffic has fallen slightly

  • Philippines bananas

    EU banana talks could start afresh


    Discussions between the EU and Latin American banana exporters could return to square one when World Trade Organisation talks resume

  • Article

    Panama backs WTO banana ruling


    The country's minister of trade and industry has called on the EU to implement tariff changes initially agreed at July's trade discussion in Geneva

  • Lemons

    Chilean lemons step in as US production falls short


    Significant shortfalls in the US have opened the door, according to the USDA

  • Article

    WTO backs Ecuador in EU banana tariff battle


    Bonita Europe calls ruling a "ratification" of dollar suppliers' position but a spokesman for the European Commission says it will consider launching a further appeal against the panel's "purely formalistic approach"

  • Chiquita makes banana deal with Panama

    Chiquita makes banana deal with Panama


    Chiquita Brands International Inc has reached a deal with Panamanian farmers that will ensure banana supply until 2008, it has been reported.

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    Panama call for diversification


    Panamanian labour minister Reynaldo Rivera has surprised the banana sector in his central American country by saying the trade is “especially delicate” and that producers should look to other crops.

  • Article

    Winds ravage Panama


    Recent high winds in Panama have severely affected banana production in the Central American country.

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    Chiquita given Panamanian deadline


    Chiquita has until June 30 to renegotiate terms with the Coosemupar co-operative in Panama for the marketing of its fruit, otherwise it will face international arbitrage, worker and government representatives have said.

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    Panama expansion planned


    As ships queue for days to transit the Panama Canal, the government in Central American country has announced it plans to double the capacity of the waterway.

  • Chiquita's Panama deadline nears

    Chiquita's Panama deadline nears


    Chiquita’s exclusivity contract with Panamanian banana co-operative Coosemupar is under threat as the deadline nears for the multi-national and its supplier to settle their differences.

  • Panama government in banana rescue

    Panama government in banana rescue


    The Panamanian Cabinet is subsidising the Coosemupar banana co-operative so that it can meet its fortnightly wages bill.

  • Panama banana crisis

    Panama banana crisis


    Panamanian banana co-operative Coosemupar, which sells its fruit through Chiquita, is in deep crisis as workers strike and funds run dry.

  • Panama gives ground on bananas

    Panama gives ground on bananas


    Banana exporter Panama has indicated in press reports that it might accept a planned EU banana import tariff if it were both set a lower level and delayed by several years.

  • Article

    Panama raises melon stakes


    Panama is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in top-quality melon production thanks to an innovative government project and the commitment of a band of dedicated growers in the country's Azuero peninsula.