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  • George Hadjiafxentis

    Cyprus welcomes rain


    A rainy season has given Cypriot producers cause to rejoice after five consecutive years of drought in the country.

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    Carrefour makes moves in Spain, Cyprus


    The French retailer is constructing a new distribution centre in Barcelona and has launched its Express format in Nicosia

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    Death of the Med diet?


    A UN report has shown that Greece is now the fattest country in the EU, as consumers eschew traditional Mediterranean diets

  • Spain Citrus

    Citrus crop down in Northern Hemisphere


    A report by Freshfel Europe has forecast a 2 per cent drop in Northern Hemisphere citrus volumes for the 2008/09 season

  • Cyprus adapts approach

    Cyprus adapts approach


    Fresh produce exports from Cyprus have fallen sharply in recent years. The necessary technical expertise is there in abundance but can the sector face up to the marketing demands of the 21st century? Elspeth Waters visited the island to determine the status quo, and report separately on the citrus, potato, veg and herb sectors.

  • Cyprus steps up a gear

    Cyprus steps up a gear


    Hopes are high that Cyprus’ entry to the EU will enable the fresh produce industry to bloom. Doris Lee Butterworth reports.

  • Cyprus gains from freedom

    Cyprus gains from freedom


    Trade in citrus fruit between Cyprus and the European Community was governed by the 1972 December 19 agreement, which established an association between the EC and the Republic of Cyprus. But this all changed when Cyprus joined the EU in May 2004, writes Anabella de Sousa.

  • Cypriot sector in long-term decline

    Cypriot sector in long-term decline


    By Ananbella de Sousa.

  • Cyprus gains from accession

    Cyprus gains from accession


    Citrus fruit has been grown in Cyprus since the 14th and 15th centuries, when fruit grew in the areas of Episkopi, Lapithos and Ammochostos. The citrus growing region is smaller nowadays but growers have a large, free market to trade within since joining the EU in May this year, writes Anabella de Sousa.

  • Cyprus citrus season on form

    Cyprus citrus season on form


    Citrus from Cyprus has just started its new season with arrivals of lemons and grapefruit into the UK marketplace promising much for the season ahead.

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    Cyprus citrus on target


    The Cyprus Trade Centre in London has revealed this season's citrus crop forecast.

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    POs quick off the mark in Cyprus


    Major exporters in the Cyprus citrus industry have already been granted producer organisation status.

  • Cypriots adapt to free market

    Cypriots adapt to free market


    The Republic of Cyprus’ ascension to the European Union brings changes to the mechanics of the potato market, as the 40-year monopoly position of the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board ends, to be replaced by a free market, writes Anabella de Sousa.

  • Cypriot citrus-fest

    Cypriot citrus-fest


    Cyprus enjoys one of the healthiest climates in the world with a pollution-free atmosphere and plentiful sunshine. As a result, the country - set for EU accession later this year - has gained a deserved reputation as the Garden of the Mediterranean.

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    Bright outlook for Cyprus


    The Cypriot citrus market is looking to build on the success of last season. Ideal growing conditions are delivering quality produce in good volumes and a buoyant export market to the UK is lifting expectations higher. Handlers believe the forthcoming season can be one to remember. John Broy reports.

  • Some onions in a field

    Cyprus singing through the rains


    Shortages in supply have pushed prices to a premium for Cypriot potatoes in recent seasons ñ a situation that may well occur again this year. Yet against a backdrop of uncertainty created by erratic weather conditions and sporadic liftings, producers and distributors remain unswayed. Expect a buoyant year for the country's top export crop, writes Emma Hardy.

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    Southampton takes on Cypriot potatoes


    Southampton increase its throughput with deal to discharge Cypriot potatoes

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    Savvides returns to lead Cyprus potato board


    Cyprus Potato Marketing Board appoints new chairman and CEO, Andreas Savvides.