Fruitnet’s annual event for the international berry business returns to Rotterdam on 15 November

This year’s Global Berry Congress, which takes place in Rotterdam next Tuesday 15 November, will provide a valuable opportunity for people in all parts of the berry business to reconnect with each other and find out what’s really happening in this exciting product category.

Berries seem well placed to see continued strong demand in many of the world’s consumer markets over the next year and beyond.

The emergence of new varieties has already seeded a major round of genetic improvement that promises to satisfy more consumers and generate even better commercial returns as a result.

The health benefits of eating these fantastic fruits are also increasingly clear to people around the world. And lots of retailers now know exactly how dependable a category this has become.

As a result, they have dedicated more shelf space not only to strawberries and blueberries but also to an increasing volume of other items including raspberries, blackberries and even more niche lines.

Factor in a staggering amount of technological innovation – in the form of data-driven supply, or robotic harvesting, to name just two examples – and the category seems well equipped for further expansion.

But there are some big challenges ahead too, not least those associated with the global economic downturn. Berry suppliers will no doubt find they are far from immune to pressures in the form of cost inflation along the entire supply chain and depressed spending power in the market itself.

There are other big challenges, for example those related to the environment and to corporate responsibility.

Thanks to an impressive lineup of speakers (see below) that are ready to share their thoughts and expertise, the Global Berry Congress gives you a chance to consider all of these trends and innovations in more detail. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Global Berry Congress 2022 speakers:

Cindy van Rijswick, RaboResearch (Netherlands)

José Gandía, SAT Royal (Spain)

Lisette Holmberg, ICA (Sweden)

Jonathan Lock, Marks & Spencer (UK)

Oleksandr Pukshyn, Blue Berry (Ukraine)

Gary Ward, StePac (Israel)

Lea Esterhuizen, &Wider (Netherlands)

Robert van Melle, Eosta (Netherlands)

Nico Broersen, Agriplace (Netherlands)

Bas Groeneweg, PerfoTec (Netherlands)

Nabil Belmkaddem, Bestberry Cooperative (Morocco)

Tom Coen, Octiva (Belgium)

Andreas Allenspach, Agrinorm (Switzerland)

Daria Reisch, Agrinorm (Switzerland)

Bert Barmans, Special Fruit (Belgium)

Dominika Kozarzewska, Polskie Jagody (Poland)

Tadeusz Kusibab, In-vitro Kusibab (Poland)

Bart Jongenelen, Delphy (Netherlands)

Michael Oates, Haygrove China – video (China)

Andrés Armstrong, Chilean Blueberry Committee (Chile)

Roger Horak, United Exports – video (Australia)

Kate James, VentureFruit (New Zealand)

Hans Liekens, Sekoya (Belgium)

Matteo Molari, G-Berries (Italy)

Herco van Liere, KeyGene (Netherlands)

Martin Veenstra, Certhon (Netherlands)

Rebecca McGlashan, The Summer Berry Company (UK)

Daniel Portelo, The Summer Berry Company (Portugal)

Sven Menge, Insolight (Switzerland)

Nele Moorthamers, Zespri (Belgium)