The effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on food security and sustainability will be a key topic for discussion at next month’s Sustainable Foods Summit in Amsterdam

The impact of the Ukraine conflict on food security and sustainability will be under discussion at the Sustainable Foods Summit, which returns to Amsterdam in the Netherlands on 7-8 July.

“Rising food and energy prices, growing food insecurity and protectionist measures are raising interest in sustainable production methods,” stated Ecovia Intelligence, the conference’s organisers. “As agrochemical prices rise, what solutions are provided by organic farming?”

The event will also look into the potential for local production as global trade slows, the importance of waste reduction as costs spiral, and what new technologies can increase sustainable food production.

James Lloyd-Jones, founder of Jones Food Company, will discuss the opportunities provided by vertical farming. The UK-based firm operates the largest vertical farm in Europe, producing 1,200 tonnes of fresh herbs, salads, fruit and vegetables per year.

Amarjit Sahota, founder of Ecovia Intelligence, will offer projections on the sustainable and organic food market, examining how organic food supply and demand are expected to change in 2022 and beyond, with leading organic food retailer Ecoveritas and organic trader Eosta providing their insights.

Ling Sin Fai Lam, sustainability and ESG director at Shore Capital, is set to discuss the impact of geopolitics on agricultural supply chains and food security, as well as the effects of climate change on food supply chains.